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I have had hassle visiting US (on business) in the past (well before latest escalation), with unfriendly & aggressive staff (which got even worse when they took my fingerprints, too much of them worn down (temporary as I had been doing plenty of heavy duty landscaping work, sans gloves, so lots of finger skin was (temporarily) worn down ))

Although there's plenty of great geography, wildlife etc to see in the USA, bad experiences on (unavoidable) business visit had already put me off the idea of ever visiting as a tourist (the pre perestroika / glasnost USSR was way less PITA than USA) but I'm sure this latest security theatre might put even more people off. I'll spend my tourist cash in countries that make (even if its pretence) an effort to be welcoming

Shame as most of the US folk I met were friendly and pleasant, but the hell of border control (in enough of a bad mood after a long haul flight) manages to override that.

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