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First, I wish there was a 'murica icon on El Reg... but this one is the closest fit (dramatic irony is fun).

Here's the thing: You could get signatures from every professor, every student, from every field, but they won't listen. Terrorism is the new communism... and before it was fascism. And before *that* it was europeans... and then native americans, all the way back to when we were hating on the British (by the by, I think you guys are great. Sorry about that whole Brexit thing, and how we were such dicks about your nuclear weapons program you risked a nuclear catastrophe to prove what valuable allies you were. Very much a dick move for us). In every generation there has been a scarecrow, a boogieman that hides under the bed.

Why? Because our executive branch heads the military, and nothing promotes a strong military like fear of "Them" does... whoever Them is. And so, we've always had a scarecrow, and the scarecrow has been the traditional way in every society of effacing individual freedoms in deference to the State. That's all there is to it. There's no complicated politics, no real danger... there's nothing here. But by making nothing into something, the power of the executive branch is expanded. And there has always been collateral damage... there's always been a dog we kicked. During WWII we had the Japanese internment camps. We did it again with Guantanamo Bay. We tortured people and defaced our core principles -- and we did it all so we could have a slightly more powerful President. And now we have Homeland Security, the bottomless wellspring that current and future Presidents can draw from whenever they want, trading freedom for power.

The average American doesn't want the TSA. They don't want Homeland Security. They have been convinced it is a "necessary evil", and believe that because every television, every radio, every Facebook and Twitter post, even our cameras and cell phones are watching us and whispering the same message constantly: "Fear! Fire! Foes!" And it has embedded itself into our culture and become pervasive to the point most people have stopped noticing... or caring.

It's hardly without precident... remember that when Germany tried to take over the world and hit you guys hard... when Winston Churchill said "Never give up, never surrender"... he wasn't up against the whole of the German people. Only a very few were actually Nazis. The rest simply didn't care. They provided a strong economy and sense of security and... satisfied with their improved quality of life they simply didn't care anymore. It was the path of least resistance -- and historically, that's always where the general public, in every country, has fallen. Whatever is cheapest. Whatever doesn't rock the boat. And so it is here -- a small minority are responsible for these injustices. The rest... simply don't care.

And no amount of petitioning or protesting is going to change it until it's their house that gets burned down, their children that get sent to the war, their wealth that's on the line. As it has always been... everywhere. Ever.

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