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As an end user.

What my personal experience says, that even in 2016 uploading a fucking .csv file

(yeah yeah excel communication or DTW they call it) in to SAP B1 9,2 is a fucking farce.

It surreal for an end users ... even for IT guys its tricky

" OOo but mister customer it isn't the job of a end users to upload master data. " that's there excuse,

that's why they will lose.

(They are still stuck in the 80/90 when connecting a fucking printer to a personal computer.

The end-user just want to print not to configure the driver etc etc - just plug and print. )

The likes of "IBM/Oracle/SAP/Microsoft,SAGE etc " are living in a word made by IT guys for IT nerds

( who get a thrill to find the correct .CSV format) not end users.

An end user doesn't want to know how it works for him it just has to work.

Software for him is a tool to ease there daily work not a goal on it self to learn IT.

That's why Apple, Google, AWS and so are winning.

Best regards from a piss-off end user. :)

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