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Not neccesarrily opensource, but it will make people look more closely at their contracts and maybe walk away from such per-named-user contracts.

It might make room for smaller companies to establish themselves with more "sensible", Internet orientated licensing.

At the end of the day, something as complex as an ERP system isn't going to be easy to make in an open source world. It needs dozens or hundreds of full time developers to keep it up to date and to fix bugs. It also needs to be very carefully defined and the specs adhered to, otherwise chaos will ensue.

If there is a bug in a graphics program or a driver, it isn't too serious. You patch it and carry on. If an ERP program has a bug, it is very likely that not enough material is being ordered, too much or that different production steps are being held up, that can cost serious money. And often a simple patch isn't enough to correct a problem, the data will also need to be corrected.

We are starting to see big open source projects come to fruition, but I don't know of any successfuly open source project on the scale of SAP HANA.

Another point is, the supplier of the software will often need certifications, like ISO 10001, for example. I doubt any open source project would be able to pay for, let alone gain such a certification.

I don't mean to belittle open source, I use a lot of open source software and I have helped out on some projects over the years. But at this level, I just don't see open source being an acceptable alternative, at least not at the current time.

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