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Take it apart

Problem solved.

Better still, some enterprising hacker should figure out what makes it tick, and trace all the circuitry to see if its all just hype or not.

Interesting factoid, if you work for TLAs you can now get smoke detectors which "look" exactly like the real thing and even detect smoke/heat but have a small 1080p camera hidden inside them.

It can be set up to store data on a sanded off memory IC, etc and onetime pad locked so even if someone finds the thing the data is unreadable, sending its stored data via a randomized FHSS radio link at around 1.42 GHz synchronized to the use of RF-noisy devices such as domestic microwaves.

The chip used is one or more 8 pin Flash chips possibly a 512Mbit version but the micro compresses the data while XORing with the onetime pad so that represents several tens of thousands of images.

The camera is hidden inside a relatively normal looking bicolour clear LED which doubles as the "activity" light for alarm so you won't detect it but shining an IR camera at it got an abnormal response.

In this case the centre pin is encoded video out 0.3V p-p with non standard sync pulses to defeat camera detectors.

The worrying thing here is just how many of them are out there. When I discovered this and mentioned it online with pictures of the offending unit(s) the hall alarm mysteriously got changed a few days later for (presumably) a better unit because the 3/4G/Wifi interference went away and has not returned since.

Checking with counter revealed nothing, although I did find part of it disposed of in a tray where the fire book sits and they denied all knowledge when asked if they wanted it back.

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