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<i>However shareholders etc, may begin to question the vast rip-off of Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft, SAP, IBM licensing.</i>

This is an interesting idea but I'm not sure I'll live long enough to see it.

Across the world large orgs have implicitly admitted that they have no idea how to manage IT development. This is an amusing idea - imagine if , say, Ford confessed they weren't really sure how to manage and track money within their business ? Nevertheless that is the status quo with respect to large orgs and IT. If you're willing to accept that is the case then what would the shareholders have the management do ? The smarter management types know they're getting screwed but they look at in-house IT (or even non-ERP acquisitions) and it's like you're asking them to tight rope walk across Niagra falls.

It's a massive condemnation of this generation of managers but, as far as I can see, paying lots to ERP merchants is actually the best option ... even if that is a very bad option indeed.

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