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I'm finding it difficult to see why people are so down on SAP on this story, other than "becoz it's a licensing issue, and we hate licenses...". Hmmm, yeah... I get that to a point.

Named and enterprise licensing (especially around PI) has always been very clear in my mind however, even back from the first rollout of XI. Maybe Diagio should have spent a little more time and money on internal software audit and operational compliance procedures to ensure they were operating within their licensing terms then, rather than from what looks like them trying to for a cheaper named license model and then conveniently forgetting to consider or model licenses correctly when they decided to add more connectors, 3rd party application integrations and / or end users.

Whilst licensing is never a popular subject for companies wanting to operate large enterprise ERP and integration systems, they are a matter of course, and thankfully most of the larger companies I have done SAP and other ERP / ES work for take this subject very seriously indeed.

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