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"If you have a car that is older than three years it requires an MOT test and the certificate shows the mileage from previous tests."

In the UK a private seller can sell a vehicle with a re-clocked odometer legally as long as they disclose the fact.

I rode old British motorcycles as main transport for many years, and the vibration would routinely kill speedometers. Every time I fitted a new speedo the indicated mileage was zero again (but I was always honest about the true mileage when selling a bike). After a few speedo replacements the mileage on MoT certificates bore no resemblance to reality.

More recently I owned a 15-year old car with less than 20,000 miles on the clock - for the second time, as it started at zero again at 100,000 miles. Over the few years I owned it I had several "low mileage" MoT certificates, the point being that the mileage on a previous certificate isn't necessarily a true figure.

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