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New Royal Navy Wildcat helicopters can't transmit vital data


This is extremely unkind. Plainly the users are inadequately trained in security and this is a belt 'n braces security precaution to prevent enemy hacking the feed and sending ship-killer SSMs down the channel.

It was, after all, a similar security lapse that led to the Beyond the Fringe expose of the British stealth Seaslug nuclear deterrent, relying as it did on teams of highly trained runners carrying it deep into enemy territory, literally under the radar! Later technically improved with new systems such as "sleeper" cells of British Olympic relay runners infiltrated into enemy territory 40 minutes in advance of the primary delivery platoons.

If that is insufficient to allay your fears, let me remind those doubters and doomsayers that it was the same service, the Fleet Air Arm, that crippled the Bismarck with its stealth Swordfish torpedo bombers, cunningly disguised as targets for German AA guns. German ingenuity and technological superiority yet again outwitted by British cunning, pluck, and stupidity at its best.

And if there are still any gutless frog-eating reverse-gear-tank-driving whining white-feather Bremoaner merchants, there are still a few zero-electronic-signature radar-proof stealth Tiger Moths in service somewhere to give the lie to all your cowardly Europhile technological nit-picking.

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