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Smash up your kid's Bluetooth-connected Cayla 'surveillance' doll, Germany urges parents



If big companies who earn money with coms and networking (in the broadest sense) struggle to keep their stuff secure (TalkTalk, I'm looking at you, but not only at you), how on earth can anybody think that some random company from far far away can and will keep their cheaply produced IoT stuff secure? Even if it was secure at time of purchase, who is going to update their daughter's doll? I mean seriously.

They did the right thing in Germany; the ban won't help much, but it raises awareness of the risks. It's a start, and goes quite in the opposite direction of what's happening here in the UK (as pointed out by someone else before).

This whole Internet of Trash is going to blow up in all our faces, if it hasn't already (depending on what gadget you have bought or intend to buy, or what is forced on you).

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