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The two most-discussed concerns this past year were about diversity of viewpoints we see (filter bubbles) and accuracy of information (fake news).

One of the things as yet seemingly not noticed by FB is the number of fake ads that keep popping up. One that's prevalent at the moment is for Ray-Bans at $24. That can't be fake, can it? The URL says it *should* link to ''. Needless to say, it doesn't. Another instance points at ''

Others that seem to be rife are obituaries for 'celebrities'. Here are a couple from the last week or so:-

"Tom Jones, 76 Farewell to Tom Jones whose career spanned six decades..."

URL points at ''

"It's Over For Hogan 'I can't believe it's actually gone' said Paul's wife..."

URL points to ''

As I'm not heavily into Russian Roulette, I haven't bothered to click on these to find out where they go, but the little pop-up at the bottom of the screen when I mouse-over the 'ad', leads me to believe it ain't what it appears.

How about cleaning up your own act before changing the world, FarceBook?

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