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@ bobajob12.... Yep, affirm. I started my career on System/36 and System/38 in 1985 (two very different machines)... I saw the AS/400 at the NEC in 1988 and went contract because I thought - here is a machine that is going to sell! I have worked on the platform ever since. And the software I developed, nearly 30 years ago will still run on the current hardware. Hats off to IBM and Dr. Frank Soltis for that - and also to the thousands of AS/400s that are most likely sitting in a dark room, doing their stuff 24/7, just like they were built to do - without an IT department. It really is an incredible machine/architecture... When you've spent the best part of your life in IT - you get to see a bit - I aint never seen a better business computer.

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