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I hated that phone.

Great reception, possibly the best I ever had, but the interface was complete bollocks, especially for the in-car user. Took forever to find my own phone number in the damn thing too (I'm one of those people who cannot remember their own cell phone number to save my life).

Nokia should have made the screen a "press to pick up/hang up" button - with mechanical movement, not touch sensitive - too.

On mine the screen started to grow digital moss before the phone was out of contract, so I treat the "indestructible" label with a pinch of salt.

Motorola always had he easiest user interface in my experience, but the reception was terrible.

Now of course the perceived wisdom is that people don't care about actual phone call quality so it is pants no matter which brand you go for or how many hundreds of dollars you are willing to fling at the vendor.

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