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I wonder if perhaps FRBs are being used as the alien equivalent of pulsars.

If you know when/where a given event occured then you can triangulate your position by referencing to a known clock and using two different sensors spaced at a known distance in much the same way as GPS works.

Not sure if the timing of these events would be good enough for navigation over interstellar distances but it would be handy to know if Ship A is 2.5LY away from Ship B or 3.1LY.

The latest optical lattice clocks gain or lose less than 1 second in 31BY so even compensating for time dilation its not hard at all and in fact if you listen in to the right frequency (eg 11.026GHz) the next time there is an FRB after a short delay of twice the mean path distance there would be a response signal if you were in the beam.

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