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My experience is that ChromeOS (and Crouton, if you put that on top) *is* still crippled. Yes, it is a Linux kernel underneath, but it is the kernel that the OEM chose to put there, with whatever options they chose when building it and whatever modules they chose to ship it with. A couple of years down the line, you'd still be running kernel version "old.past-it" and relying on Samsung or Google for security updates. (I don't know which, but if it is like phones then it will be Samsung and you are shit out of luck.)

At least this model isn't ARM-based and so it will probably conform to all those nice de-facto platform standards imposed by Microsoft for everything around the CPU. That means you have a reasonable chance of putting a recent Linux build on and keeping it "recent" for the lifetime of the hardware, which (contrary to the hardware vendor's fondest wishes) is *not* "six months and then you toss it away and buy the latest model".

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