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Another option if you want a skinny, cheap laptop....

....which isn't tethered to the internet would be the Acer Chromebook 14 on which this is being written.


- very cheap (160 pounds UK)

- very light (less than 3 pounds)

- good 14 inch screen (but only 1368x768)

- HDMI output

- slot for SD card to extend file system space (from 32MB installed)

- no moving parts (everything is integral with the motherboard -- so no fan)

- runs Linux like a champ (Fedora 24/XFCE right now)

- 10+ hours away from wires and wall sockets (might be 12+ hours -- never tried)

Minuses (probably depends on personal taste):

- no touch screen (not a minus for me)

- no upgrades possible (apart from the SD card) so the RAM is fixed at 2GB

- no CD/DVD drive

As an aside, the base 32GB RAM is plenty when running Fedora/XFCE since the software footprint is less than 5GB.

This is the laptop I should have had ten years, light, good screen and plenty powerful enough for 95% of everything I need to do.

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