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The comment about Google and collecting data is a smoke screen to take the focus off of Windows slowing dying. It is a reaction to try to grab something to discount what is happening in from of them.

I am old and seen it with every platform when it starts dying. Techies go through the stages of grief.

Some can let go and others will persist for years complaining about silly things.

Best thing our schools ever did was move to using Google. Not only the Chromebases and Chromebooks but also Google Classroom. It is pretty incredible this software and the more valuable K-12 aspect for Google, IMO.

Our schools are now all Google from chromebooks, chromecasts on all the smart boards, how they use YouTube in the classroom and most importantly the Google software. Love how they use Sheets to break down all your kids in the school so you can break it all down.

Was out to eat one evening a couple of years ago. My daughter was on her phone and told her to put it down. She told me she had to finish something for school and submit. She was in grade school at the time. I said BS. She shows me her iPhone and yes she was typing in Google Docs.

I was blown away and this was a couple of years ago.

My boys knew how to type way before writing. So having Chromebooks at young ages is ideal, IMO.

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