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Samsung's Chromebook Pro: Overpriced vanilla PC with a stylus. 'Wow'

mike panero

My use case

I blow things up on my desktop

Email etc the phones (3 last count)

Got a 10inch tab for some games, viewing imdb whilst I watch the telly and recording my gas and electric on a spreadsheet (started life as an xhell orifice 2000 back in '06...)

But a tablet/laptop combo for nadda coin?

With HDMI?

That tablet never leaves the house so GPS is meh.

And it runs Android Bookmarks?

Castrate some Kodi loading crim in public just as you give $$$ free movie for x months*

* With a rusty knife, on a rainy day...

If the droid thing is sorted by my birthday... else crimbo

£200+ ish budget

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