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You're a disgrace to the nation, please fire yourself as an American immediately.

We've done that whole "Discriminating against others based on race/ethnicity/culture" in the past. That was when we established concentration camps for Japanese-Americans out of the terrifying fear that the slant-eyed yellow bastards would all draw swords from thin air, shout BANZAI and start slaughtering people.

Guess what? Statistically speaking, not a single one of them had any love for Hirohito or the Imperial Japanese government.

Meanwhile, a truly alarming number of German-American citizens were staging outright Nazi-sympathizing rallies and establishing an American Nazi Party, and we certainly didn't do anything to them because they were white Christians who looked like the average guy next door.

People like you, and Trump, are a disgrace to this country. You want to make America great again? Start by disenfranchising yourself.

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