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Brexit could further harm woeful rural payments system

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Get orff moi laaaaand

A farmer told me that he'd voted for Brexit, and when I asked about his reliance upon CAP subsidy money, his response was revealing. We want the subsidies to go, he said, because as long as they exist those bastard multinationals can pay us less than the cost of production, as they know we'll still survive because of the EU handouts, and no-one will support us to stand up against them.

So the EU subsidy (from taxes - did somebody mention £350m a week?) that comes out of our own pockets is being used as a lever so that the supermarkets are able to offer cheap food over the shop counter so that we don't spend so much - out of our own pockets - on our grub and booze?

Yup, says he, that's why I'm voting Brexit.

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