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Re: Ahh, guys, any of you ever hear of the Constitution?

"here's a clue: the US Constitution grants the President as the only decider as to what constitutes "National Security", not Congress, not the courts."

Yeah, no it doesn't.

"have ceded to the President the authority and responsibility to carefully screen all those people who wish to enter our shores"

Nope. "Traditionally deferred to" does not translate to Ceded. Buy a dictionary and read it.

"The President has the right under the Cinstitution and immigration laws to refuse entry to anyone, for any reason."

No he doesn't. Read the 5th and 14th Amendments.

"SCOTUS has made many, many rulings over the years upholding these presidential powers"

Fucktrumpery. Gosh you're on a roll here.

"I'm not a big Trump supporter"


"please, read the constitution and 8USC1182 first before making any uniformed responses"

And by Uniformed response, you mean returning the Wayward Colony back to the Empire from whence it came, given that you've managed to fuck up the management hereof to such stellar levels?

You win the award for the most spectacularly uniNformed post of the year. Read your own damn Constitution. And a dictionary.

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