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I've visited Malaysia once, I live in Bangladesh. Yeah it's now a failed country, there's no democracy here. But still I don't know any nation who are banned here. Now very few foreigner come to my country because of it's condition but no one is banned. Are you talking about relation with Israel? Both country has unofficial relation with Israel as far I know, it's just behind the camera. Due to the absence of formal relation you can't directly go to or come from Israel or Palestine. You have to come/go via Lebanon/Egypt. While I rarely see reports of high class Israeli official coming, I don't personally know anyone who have gone there. I don't know any pilgrim who have visited Al Aqsa mosque after the creation of Israel. Israel is not well known for respecting International laws. if you're a Muslim and they arrest you, there a high chance you won't see the light of the day soon. People here fear going that country.

No one is banned from coming here.

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