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Ahh, guys, any of you ever hear of the Constitution?

Now I can understand that any of the comments here posted by citizens of the United Kingdom don't have the foggiest idea about the US Constitution, but any American citizens who've never read it, or if they did, didn't understand it (since it's written at a fifth grade reading level, (which leaves out most devout liberals, progressives, and/or Democrats) here's a clue: the US Constitution grants the President as the only decider as to what constitutes "National Security", not Congress, not the courts. Secondly, the laws on immigration which the Congress has passed over the years, have ceded to the President the authority and responsibility to carefully screen all those people who wish to enter our shores. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. The President has the right under the Cinstitution and immigration laws to refuse entry to anyone, for any reason, particularly if he/she deems such persons as potential risks to our national security. We have borders for a reason. SCOTUS has made many, many rulings over the years upholding these presidential powers. The Ninth Circuit (which has a lifetime average of being overturned by SCOTUS, even when the court was controlled by liberal justices, of over 85% - I wouldn't bet the farm that they won't be overturned, and for the umpteenth time, admonished by the Supremes for extreme judicial overreach). I'm not a big Trump supporter (it was "hose the nose" time fir the election), however, when SCOTUS gets this big sticking pile landed in their laps, their answer will likely be swift, pointed in reversing the Ninth, yet again. If you want to respond to this, please, read the constitution and 8USC1182 first before making any uniformed responses.

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