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Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list

Alistair Silver badge

While I'm *absolutely* not a Prez.Tweeter.Trump fan

One thing that the media have been doing is jumping on the smallest hint of 'we want to do something' and immediately blasting it out without reservation.

Despite the mess of Executive Orders that trump has flung out the door, the US does still have the other pillars of its system, and although the Republicans own the senate and the house, and the presidency, the *people* and the judiciary will still be there.

Although the entire concept of "we want all your passwords" is utterly ridiculous this is likely to be handled better than the TSA's $7.50/hr not quite security guard type asking as you present your passport, and it rather strikes me that even *if* it eventually meandered through the system sufficiently to be implemented in any way there would be some sanity applied at some point.

HOWEVER: (all the above said)

It makes it abundantly clear *what level* of intelligence and forethought the crew(s) that trump has chosen to surround himself with are equipped with when they allow themselves to utter such complete and total nonsense in front of video cameras.

Witless Kellyanne directly violating core ethics rules.

Sad, Sad Sean insisting that everything everyone is "mediaing" is all lies.

This ex military twat popping an off the cuff "idea" out of its mouth.

The tweeter himself coming up with "longest wait for confirmation" shit that *clearly* he hasn't even thought to look up.

This clueless lot of twats obviously think they are *VERY* special.

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