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I'm planing on driving north from Vancouver in the summer

At some point before the heat death[1] of the universe[2], I'm hoping to convince Mrs CCM to do the coast-to-coast railway thing in Canada (we both have relatives there - hers dating from the 1930s, mine a tad more recent). Given that Mrs CCM has a great dislike of travel[3] I'm not not holding my breath..

[1] If not an expanding/contracting universe anyway. Otherwise it would be 'before the next big bang cycle'

[2] Or mine. Whichever comes first.

[3] She used to enjoy it. But even going on holiday in Wales[4] or Cornwall[5] stresses her out.

[4] "I know where Wales is! I've been abroad". Ah, Flanders and Swann, where are you now?[6]

[5] The land of her ancestors and a number of relatives. One of whom owns holiday cottages.

[6] Dead[7].

[7] Can I make the footnotes longer than the non-footnoted text?[8}

[8] Yes.

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