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No problem, the TSA/DHS are not very smart, just craft a few dozen fake social accounts and use them. "Oh look, this guy tweeted 'USA number one, joe!' He must me okay! Go right on in there, buddy!"

You can visit the USA, just keep to New York, Washington state, Oregon, and California. Those will be your best bet for a nice visit and the fewest number of noisy Trump-supporting morons who will cast a dim view on anyone visiting them (and spending money. oops!) from "places that we don't never done heard of. duhhh!"

The Red States are all filled with angry, whites from immigrant families who are so afraid of their own shadows they cannot function without a gun in hand or at the ready. "Close those borders!" is their cry, and it comes some 240 years too late. These idiots worship three things; guns, tRump, and Putin! And you will very often see them waving a giant American flag and not having a clue what the real America stands for. Hint; we're an immigrant nation with open borders. Having served in the military during the Reagan years I can tell you without a doubt these tRump supporters are all scumbags and as unAmerican as you can get, and every one is a 100% pussy. Not a real man among the lot, hence the guns.

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