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Apple Claims...

As they don't release sales figures for the Watch it is hard to justify either that they are claiming or anything else. They are saying that sales are good but if the plan was to sell 1,000 and they sold 2,000 then yes, sales are good.

Other people (Apple Watchers(sic)) are claiming that the Apple Watch is taking up to 80% of the market. Again, there really is little evidence to support these claims one way or the other.

I'd even go futher and say that I've never seen anyone wearing a 'smart watch'. I saw plenty of FitBits in San Francisco last year but that's it.

I have no inclination to even try a smart watch.

Now if there was a Half Hunter (or proper Fob) version then I might think about it.

I suspect that I am not alone in going 'Meh' to the whole smart watch thingy.

I suspect that Google knows this and this is the Android Wear swansong. Get one (if you are interested) while stocks last.

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