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Before Google Maps...

Streetmap was brilliant before Google Maps came along. There was a point where Google Maps did coordinates and StreetMap wouldn't anymore (if I recall correctly, that was very shortlived), and there was the horribleness of its interface. What StreetMap could've done was continue to innovate, which they didn't. They *were* the dominant force in the UK and did jackshit with it.

Like someone else said, if you rest on your laurels, you'll get a stick up your bum. C'est la vie, StreetMap!

As for satellite images, Google often gets their stuff from people like TeleAtlas, so prodding TeleAtlas to get satellite imagery updated automatically means Google gets it too. Some of our area is horribly outdated, but trying to get *someone* to take responsibility to update is a 'mare... so we do without. Bing's satellite imagery suffers from the same, so it's not limited to Google.

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