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If you can provide proof of this, I know some people who would be _very_ interested in seeing it.

Well, yes, I had to triple check this because I didn't believe it either but the evidence seems pretty solid to me.

I assure personal and corporate privacy in context of multiple jurisdictions for a living, so it's not my first rodeo on this topic, nor are the problems news to me. That said, Microsoft and Google are not the only providers who may cause compliance problems. I have found a few other companies whose "EU only" statement needs some clarity - at first glance all appears to be OK but if you start digging you discover questions that need answers. "Oops, we did it again" is IMHO no longer acceptable..

@Alan Brown - if you were to ping your contact details to the Reg Newsroom they'll pass it on - they know who I am (not by default - I told them) :).

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