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not only 2 aircraft carriers (one russion, one being built), but it has working antiship ballistic missiles (DF21-D and DF24) which are believed to be more capable than anything the US or Russia have.

ASBMs make aircraft carriers as obsolete as aircraft carriers made battleships - you don't need to have a nuke onboard, or even to destroy the target. If you can put a big enough hole in the flight deck then the entire fleet will keep its distance lest they have to return home unexpectedly(*) and stay there for several months.

(*) Wounding the enemy is more effective at tying up resources than killing them. If you wound a man or damage a ship, resources have to be expended to save him or it (6 people to recover one wounded solider is the rule of thumb, factor on tying up a dockyard for a long time repairing a ship). If you sink or kill your opponent then they leave it where it is and keep going. On top of that the psychological effects of having one of your own screaming his nuts off in pain can't be underestimated.

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