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Well certainly America's meddling in the Middle East (that used to be our job BTW), and its subsequent if unintentional (although entirely predictable to anyone with an IQ greater than that of a cabbage) creation of the Islamic State, is a significant contributory factor to America's "hostile combatant" status, in that it's a sort of Agent Provocateur for the shitstorm we Euro-peons now have to suffer.

But actually I was referring more directly to the fact that America is spying on British citizens, profiling us and generally treating us like the enemy, so it's rather hard not to reciprocate, unless you're a political lackey sympathetic to the American empire's hegemonic ambitions, and generally speaking most Brits are not. In fact even a few British politicians are not, or at least they publicly feign outrage at Donald Dump's Nazi agenda, which to be honest probably doesn't mean very much, given that the whole lot of them are pathological liars, pro-Brexit, and somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun.

As for the "happenings in the Middle East" and who or what is the greatest threat, at least in the UK, here's the thing: I personally have never been attacked by a Muslim terrorist, or even a slightly miffed Muslim, or any sort of Arab, or even any sort of terrorist, and that's despite me living and working all over the world, including at one point right in the middle of a fucking combat zone, in the Doha desert, one mile from the Iraq border, whilst frantically waving my arms and screaming "Come on you bastards!" in my best John Cleese accent.

On the other hand, I know as a matter of documented fact (thanks Eddie) that I, and probably everyone else in the UK, have been violated by the US government. That's more than a threat, it's an absolute certainty.

So like I said, hostile combatant.

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