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> I wonder what other horribly expensive failures we can trick them into spending billions on?

Well we have managed to convince them that the idea of giving out cheap central bank backed mortgages to inflate the price of property is a wise investment idea and the path to economic prosperity.

In the last few years, and even as we speak, their property prices in the big cities are skyrocketing off cheap loans, while they are frantically building new "affordable" housing in ghost cities where virtually nobody wants to buy due to the hassle of commuting, and because they won't get the same ROI as a trendy spot in the big city.

They have blown such a massive asset bubble that now people are trying to get their wealth out of the country before it collapses (into places like Vancouver, hence the explosive house price bubble over there).

The next "good idea" is us attempting to convince them to transition to a "consumer" economy, which means cheap credit to the masses to they can spend it on disposable trinkets and dig themselves into a hole they can never get out of. We are hard at work trying to convince them this is a good idea, because it will allow an increase in "money supply", resulting in more goods purchased, more income earned, and people might actually be able to buy their way out of the debt hole they created (yeah right).

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