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Once US law compels multinationals to violate other nations' laws, I think it's pretty much inevitable that America will become ostracised (both digitally and in many other ways too) from the rest of the world,

I would love to agree with you. However who cares ? :

* corporations: don't give two hoots about (their customers') privacy. If using infrastructure in the USA saves them 0.5% costs they will do so. They will give lip service to privacy, just another corporate lie.

* governments: most of them want access to all your data and will strike private deals with the USA. A few push back, England is not one of those.

* individuals: most look at me puzzled or think "there goes Alain again" when I talk about privacy and turn to look at their facebook page.

* el-reg (& similar) readers: but we are in a minority.

Sigh :-(

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