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I don't see this as a problem

This was a legally executed search warrant on a US citizen, for data held by a US company. The subject was accused of fraud that occurred within the US, against a US citizen, and the court order stated that information related to the crime would be found in the data (presumably emails) Just because the data happened to be held outside the US without the user's knowledge shouldn't mean it is immune to discovery. If the court upheld such a result, Google could make themselves immune to search warrants by holding data on US citizens/users offshore.

This isn't anything like the Microsoft case, where the US authorities were trying to subpoena information related to a non-citizen non-resident. Nor was it like the Apple case, since Google is not being asked to break into its own systems or hack its own software to allow breaking a user's encryption.

There is absolutely no reason why people who live outside the US should be concerned with this ruling. It affects you about as much as the UK law forcing one to reveal passwords affects me.

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