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"I wonder how the US government would react if Amazon were to release all US data on court request to Canadian authorities seeing as Amazon has a data center in Canada and moves data from USA and Canada regularly."

Simple: then there'd be hell to pay. When EU citizens travel to the US then the US reserves the right to go over everything they have, they even demand access to financial records.

So at one time the EU considered doing the opposite as well. All for the sake of security and setting a standard. Yeah... and all of a sudden there was massive resistance because what the EU had in mind was a blatant and disrespectful intrusion of privacy.

For the very same thing.

And this is why I refuse to go to the US. Out of principle. And no: that has nothing to do with Trump (which is a popular thing to do) but the same applied to Obama, Clinton and Bush. All different presidents and they all couldn't care less about the privacy of others.

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