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Re: I loved the film but what an intro 4 Dave 126

That is the verson Lynch had his name pulled from. Basically an attempted Director's Cut using unfilmed scenes replaced with color drawings based on the story boards and footage lacking the required post-production to make work properly - such as in the Big Battle Scene where guns and Weirding Modules recoil and hit their targets but lack any "Zap" and "Flash" FX.

For all its faults I'm fond of the Lynch movie. It had many good ideas buried in amongst the naffery. As did. The Sci Fi Channel's take on it.

Funny that each fell over the same stupid mistake - burning valuable footage time on showing the space travel in graphic detail. In the story it is elided entirely, as the point is not the spectacle but the understanding of how the Spacing Guild's monopoly works in terms of resources and remoteness of same.

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