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Chinese hackers switch tactics for spying on Russian jet makers

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These ain't the times of cruisers-with-steam-boilers any more. I don't understand why the chinese don't get this.

I do. In any state sponsored espionage, it's a combination of fuckwit nationalist politicians, military jar-heads, and spooks who don't get out enough who come up with the idea of stealing other people's designs and then making a variant on them.

If they stopped and asked proper, qualified engineers who knew about designing shit and making it work, and then actually producing it, and maintaining it, they'd be told that stealing other people's designs was a shit-headed scheme. But in China (and Russia back in the day) not only do the engineers and manufacturers only find out after the event, they're also in grave personal danger if they then say "Don't be bloody stupid, we don't have half the skills or materials to make this fucker!".

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