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"The 1984 movie was an unmitigated disaster."

Frank Herbert wrote about the making of it from his point of view. It seemed that whilst Lynch had everything sorted, when they moved the filming to Mexico a lot of sequences were arbitrarily dumped because the production company claimed they were too hard to film.

He indicated that the film wasn't too bad from his point of view - just "rushed" and I think he's right, which is the way I felt on seeing it. Novels like Dune are too long to be a single movie (the best movies are made from short stories) and unless you know the book well (I'd read it a half dozen times) there was no way of keeping up with the movie's plot.

Whilst the film was an unmitigated commercial disaster in the english-speaking world, he pointed out that it was wildly popular in Latin America from the outset. Herbert didn't live long enough to see it turn into a cult film in other countries.

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