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I know kicking MS is eternally fun on here but as a linux fan who uses Window 10 at home (mostly due to my 6 year old loving games - and me wanting to play Star Citizen (no linux client - yet!). It's actually OK, but my wife did laugh when I spent 30 minutes one morning trying to get Cortana to do a very simple task.

"Cortana -open chrome"

cortana opens notebook

"Cortana open chrome"

cortana opens edge

"Cortana open chrome"

Cortana mutters something about not understanding

"No sh!t Cortana you should go home"

Cortana opens chrome

I pull the mic on the computer and disable Cortana forever. By the end I was literally shouting at it.

Yes so anyway, there are a lot of nice touches in Windows 10, mutliple desktops at long last, it's surprisingly solid, boots quickly etc. You can easily send your data to random recipients like microsoft with little (or no) effort. But in there, behind all that p!sh is a decent OS crying for help in the corner, naked and alone.

Then I just boot back out into Linux.

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