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"You'd have to edit it pretty mercilessly to take all the racism, sexism and American Exceptionalism out.. (I read those books avidly as a 10-12 year old - tried to re-read them a year or so back and couldn't get past all the flaws that I hadn't seen the first time round..)"

A lot of the authors I loved as a kid, actually seem pretty ordinary now. Values and perceptions have changed and I am comfortable with that. Smiths superhuman alphamale heroes casually committing genocide, Larry Niven and his martian colony failing pretty much from homophobia (no idea what Larry Nivens views are on the subject, but he obviously considered it a valid motivation in the story).

Harrison, Norton, Eddings, McCaffery, even more recent authors like Weber are less enjoyable on recent re-visits, but then again, some (many) of the new authors being pushed by amazon would probably benefit from an editor telling them to take their manuscript back, work on it a lot more, and dont bother bringing it back....

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