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The PC market is nearly dead

I was helping a friend look for a new computer this week and shocked by what was available in the shops. But just as much by the lack of customers actually eyeing the kit.

Manufacturers are still making the same mistakes they have for years and pushing sub-standard machines for Windows: 2GB on a modern machine isn't acceptable. This is real landfill, to use one of Andrew's favourite terms, and isn't helping the Windows cause. There is one potential brightspot: the I-Mac clones such as those from HP but these really need to be in the shops and on display.

The irony is that while I'm moaning about the spec of notebooks around the € 500 mark – okay but I'm not sure I'd like to work with one – (below this there are too many compromises) I'm fuming about Apple's prices. But, guess what, Apple's MacBook Pros (without the idiot bar) compare well to similarly specc'd and weighted (max 1.5 kg) notebooks but Lenovo seems desperate to give me a touchscreen (no, I really don't want one). Yes, there is a price differential but it is not sufficient for me to want to switch to Windows for development and nearly all the Linux GUIs make me cringe (I quite like some of the KDE stuff but there isn't everything I need in my stack). So, for me at least, it's going to be a Mac again (though no fecking I-Cloud or Siri) but maybe I'll pick up something like a Pi-Top as well.

Going forward: if anyone makes a serious go of Android-based keyboard devices then they could do quite well because what both IOS and Android apps do really well (among all the crap) is focus on the user.

Microsoft and Intel investors should be worried.

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