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P.B. Lecavalier

Think Complex != Big Screen

To make a non-brainless and non-disappointing movie out of Dune is like making one out of K.S. Robinson's Red Mars, that is to say highly unlikely. Both books are complex in nature, where the plot is almost secondary to exploring the underlying narrative universe, interspersed with various essays from the authors.

I have come to believe that such works cannot be satisfactorily rendered by movies, period. Further, keep in mind that the vast majority of movies that came out in the last several years were targeted to teenagers and dimwit adults (and abundantly, if not exclusively featuring such like-minded characters). All this point to a massively dumbed down production. There could be some hope in terms of TV series (did not see the miniseries), as you can afford the luxury of character and plot development (that could explain why people with a brain moved away from the big screen market lately).

If you want to make a movie, why not create something **NEW**, tailored to be a movie?

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