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The treatment of the narrative in Lynch's movie is merely "ok" (and very disappointing if you read the book beforehand), but what saved it for me is the visual and audio, which are absolutely perfect. When I read the novel, I am pleased to see what was depicted in the movie. It seems accurate, and for things which are difficult to think of, the movie is an excellent companion.

The soundtrack gave the movie a uniquely mystique flavor, very palatable yet way different from say John Williams style. Remember who made it: Toto, a hip hop band. In fact, the story is that Lynch offered a recording of Symphony no.11 by Shostakovich to the young musician. "You liked it?" "Oh yes", he replied. "Good, I want something done in this style."

Weirding modules were a weird addition, but how can you depict Fremen to be so formidable warriors as to best Sardaukars in melee combat with little effort?

Another "not in the book" the cardiac plugs on Harkonnen subjects. It's not in the book, but it is cunningly fitting.

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