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But in this case, it's almost inescapable that the USA are the parallel to the Bad Guys. Paul Atreides joins a bunch of semi-nomadic desert people whose homeland is being mercilessly exploited for its natural resources by an empire and trade guild using better technology, air support, etc. and appointing the plum job of regional governor to their own upper class politicians. (Baron Harkonen, Duke Atreides...) It's essentially Lawrence of Arabia in Space.

Fremen or Yemen, the parallels are pretty starkly drawn. If they do this, they should absolutely carry it through to how Paul leads a semi-religious war against the rest of the galaxy leading to billions of deaths. People don't seem to do Tragedy in the classical sense anymore. It would be good to have the full arc. And I don't mean just making him a Hard Man Making Hard Choices anti-hero. I mean actually follow the path of the noble and caring leader through to the slaughtering despot he becomes.

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