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OK, someone help me out. Doesn't AFF in cDOT have QOS and doesnt cDOT have scale out?

If so, what was the purpose of blowing loadsa wonga on SoldFire in the first place which semes to be the only thing the NetApp drones talk about when discussing SF? What about the ESeries? Does one company really need three options with three sets of management and three R&D budgets?

Isn't the AFF just a tarted up version of the standard FAS and therefore isn't really a flash-designed system? Does this even matter?

As a reseller of many technologies I'm curious about the direction of NetApp. Ive struggled to sell NetApp lately due to simpler and newer systems with better interfaces and smarter management and they are hurting my business. NetApp defend this by saying that with a 'full suite' comes complexity yet much of NetApps older value for my customers has gone away with smarter applications handling much of the heavy lifting.

NetApp wont go away, that's for sure, but I will be leading with alternative options which are constantly eating my lunch.

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