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> "Windows" means to its customers that it runs "Windows" apps.

While this "only runs UWPs", it seems that existing x86 Win32 'Windows programs' can be bundled into a UWP container that can be sold through the Store. Of course this will require the developers being bothered to do that for, initially at least, a tiny market where Microsoft grabs 30% of the revenue. OTOH the 30% is probably much less than is grabbed by the distributors and retailers. It also requires that Microsoft is prepared to accept the product into their Store (competitors and GPL software need not apply).

Microsoft will claim that Store UWPs are safer than software from random download sites, and thus Windows CR is the safest operating system _ever_.

I don't think that this will be tied into Ofice360. They will create Office Home and Student and full Office as UWP containers for sale through the Store, and possibly the individual programs. LibreOffice, Firefox, Chrome won't be there.

Microsoft needs to increase its revenue each year. In a declining PC sales market where prices are also falling it needs to take revenue from other sources. In this case it wants to increase revenue from its Store and it will do that by taking software revenue from retail shops, OEMs, and other software sites.

The Store will probably also offer a 'full Windows upgrade' for $199.99 so that a user can buy a CR(ap) PC that is locked down from an OEM or retail and then send money to Microsoft to unlock it when they discover its limitations.

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