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Dear El Reg

Please dont report shit like this. I live in a blissful Linux bubble.

Reading the latest angle of attack on innocent peoples wallets brings my piss to a boil when I picture all the ill advised masses hoarding towards what they perceive as a dirt cheap piece of it.

It happened to netbooks, it happened to chromebooks now Microsoft wants a piece of the "what the fuck is this, its not a laptop" market.

To be fair to the Chromebook to those that "get it" its a powerful tool...but to Johnny "buy an i3 from Tesco" Smith this is yet another product he won't understand, need or ultimately want.

Im assuming a cloud based Windows 10 wont have a native office install so for the customer facing people here its another few years of eye twitching when a C level exec sees £150 on the pricetag and he asks the (now age old and much derided) question you can't actually give a straight answer to because nobody on Earth knows what it actually means.

"Will it run Office?"

Windows in the cloud will spawn more celeron based, light weight, looks lime its cheap but is actually overpriced....crap.

Seriously cloud os based devices are the landfill android of the PC world.

Why do tech companies have to fuck you in the ass at the low end?

Ugh. Just fuck off pedalling crap all of you. Stick to the middle and high end, ditch the low end whack Linux on it with an adblocner preinstalled and everyone will be better off.

It'll be met with resistance at first but a bit of light beating and some mild torture we will get the human race there.

If you think I'm wrong you're part of the problem.

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