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Imagine a ChromeOS-style Windows 10 ... oh wait, there it is and it's called Windows Cloud

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So, all of the Windows hassles and un-intuitiveness and none of the power? Presumably with most of the petty licensing hassles? Minus viability in the absence of broadband. Minus the ability to install programs from where I see fit? Built-in monitoring. With the added benefit of an uncertain future - it's not like MS ever drops a product line when it gets bored, izzit?

Sign me up. not.

At the least the Surface makes sense. This doesn't. Or maybe it does, since they've royally screwed the pooch on mobile - so this is their new version of mobile? Plan D? F?

p.s. one slight item in their defense - their recent work with stripping down Windows to Nano edition might have set the ground for an OK technical base to it.

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