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Is that the same ICC that did nothing about genocidal war criminals like Blair and Bush, who murdered millions of innocent civilian Iraqi men, women and children as the result of an invasion based on a brazen lie, but which was really just a pretext for an oil grab?

Frankly The Onion's credibility is higher.

The "dubious Youtube video" you remain wilfully ignorant about is merely a compilation and analysis of actual news footage. The fact that neo-Nazi "Maidan" Ukranians burnt alive (in 2014, not "1941") other Ukrainian nationals (who committed the heinous crime of walking while ethnic Russian) was never in contention, even by the mainstream media. The only point of contention was "who started it", which entirely glosses over the fact that an entire building full of people was just allowed to burn for two and a half hours without any police, fire service or ambulance intervention.

But then I keep forgetting that both the Brexiteers and Teabaggers have transformed the UK and the US into neo-Nazi cesspools, so it's hardly surprising to find neo-Nazi denialists and outright sympathisers crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches.

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