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First... get off my lawn.

Second... It's the policies of DC and State Government over the past 20 years (and sorry kiddo, MY generation, the 40 crowd, hasn't been running this show) that have gotten us here. The fact you can't discipline your kids because they've all been told spanking is child abuse (and given a number to call "a nice man" who will take care of your parents if they are doing that), the schools have been flooded with pro-socialist curriculum and revised American/World history narratives. You were taught things that had no practical value in real life and then we wonder why you can't get jobs or handle taking care of yourselves. This has all been a carefully planned and executed 20 year plan of "dumbing down" the american people to ensure they will be so happy to accept the government taking care of you (like a good Big Brother should)... which is a reference to a book that you were never asked to read.

I don't envy the things your generation will be dealing with, but I can most assuredly say Gen Xers have been watching from the dugout screaming our heads off.

No, my young naive padawan, the state of the nation/world isn't because of my generation (look at the 60-80 year olds in Senate and Congress). It's the exact thing my grandparents said when I was young... Heaven help our nation when the baby boomers are running things... well, this is what happens when folks who grew up listening to Timothy Leary and reading Saul Alinsky get to make policy decisions.

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